Josh & Taylor Hansen

Who are we?

We are a husband + wife videography team that specializes in weddings and special events.

How did we get started?

When we were engaged, looking for an affordable wedding videographer felt impossible. Because Josh has some history with video editing, and Taylor knew a bit about photography, we decided to hire some guys to film our wedding, and we made it ourselves! Being able to make our own video made us realize how much we loved making something so special. Your wedding day is the day you want to relive over and over again and you can really only do that through your wedding video!

Our Mission

All we want is to create something beautiful for every bride and groom. We want to create something that you can watch that can arise all the happy feelings you had on your special day. There is no greater feeling than delivering a video that a couple watches 100 times so that they can relive the best day of their life! That is our main goal!