About Hansen Films

Who am I?

I’m Taylor. I am a wife, videographer, photographer, & digital marketer. I have loved photo and video since I was 8 years old, where I would make and edit music videos with my friends (It all started on my family’s computer camera). As I got older, it has been a creative outlet for me. Since I started making videos professionally in 2016, I have found that it brings me so much love and joy to create something so special and meaningful. I put my heart and soul into every video I make and for every couple I meet, in order for them to relive the happiest moments in their life.

My husband and I are both entrepreneurs and marketers who love what we do. Though on the side, we love to travel the world, snowboard, go to Disneyland, and hang out with our friends and family.

How did we get started?

When we were engaged, looking for an affordable wedding videographer felt impossible. Because my huband had some history with video editing, and I knew a bit about photography, we decided to hire some guys to film our wedding, and we made it ourselves! Being able to make our own video made me realize how much we loved making something so special. Your wedding day is the day you want to relive over and over again and you can really only do that through your wedding video! From there, I started to gain more experience until I was able to quit my part time job and fulfill this dream of mine.

Why Choose Us?

My main priority is to create videos that will make you light up inside every time you watch it. I want to create something that you can watch that will arise all the happy feelings you had on your special day. I know what it’s like to be a bride with a limited budget, so we do our best to keep our pricing affordable while still giving you the best quality. We also strive our best to make wedding planning for you, by making sure you get what you want in your video.What I love about videography apart from photography is how video can bring those moments back to life again.